Hear what our clients have to say:


"EOS has helped us know what we need to do in the next 7 days, 90 days, 1 year, 3 year and 10 years.

It has been a great experience, yes, a lot of work, but the results are worth it and the leadership team appreciates it."

- Ramon Hernandez, VP of Operations | Integrator 


 “EOS is teaching the entire company a system and tools to be able to make positive informed choices for the benefit of everyone involved with Croix Gear.  We have found we can make decisions that allow us to action to control the outcomes for the company rather than waiting for outcomes to happen to or for us.”

- Ruthie Johnston, Croix Gear & Machining | Integrator

“The team is coming together and it shows what can be accomplished with structure and accountability.”

- Matt Johnston, Croix Gear & Machining


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“I think we have become a more solid group - all heading in the same direction and on the same page. I think we have become better at being open minded and up front with each other as well.”

- Mick Ryhkus, Associated Finishing

“EOS is making our meetings and days more effective.”

- Ted Schreyer, Associated Finishing, Owner | Integrator


“EOS is setting a structure for our organization and reviewing people around our core values and the 5 most important roles of their position has helped drive accountability.”

- Brian Menge, Wall-tech

“Joe didn’t allow us to ‘kick the can down the road’ and he modeled how we need to hold each other accountable.”

- Pete Braun, Wall-tech | Visionary

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“The time spent in meetings, getting the leadership team on the same page with each other, far outweighs the cost. Because we are on the same page, our plan is communicated out to all departments, and we have seen profit improvement and consistency throughout the company. We even make decisions about what we are going to stop doing.”

- Joe Bonnell, Bonnell Industries Inc. | Visionary

“EOS has brought our team together and opened up a line of communication and has grown new comfortably between leadership team members.”

- Jessica Bonnell, Bonnell Industries Inc.


“EOS provided us with the direction we needed to establish company goals both for the present and the future. A company-wide “accountability chart” empowers every employee by providing written expectations – for ALL employees. This collaboration promotes value from the production line to the management team. Everyone wins! The EOS process has definitely helped streamline our succession plan we have been pursuing.”

- Daryle Pomranke, Winnebago Mfg. | Visionary

“Since starting EOS we are holding each other more accountable. We are also digging into more of our issues and solving them.”

-Travis Pomranke, Winnebago Mfg.


"We are setting up to transform our business for success with the tools you teach and coaching you provide."

- Daniel "Theo" Theobald, Micro-Trak Systems, Inc. | Visionary

“EOS keeps us focused and on task on the items that really matter. The items of little consequence naturally fall away.”

- John Vanderhoof, Micro-Trak Systems, Inc.

“The structured weekly L-10's insure that all critical tasks and the issues at hand are completed and on time.”

- Rob Hoehn, Micro-Trak System, Inc.


"PBS/EOS has already made our organization more efficient and outcome-based. Joe does a great job of facilitating open group discussion. Our weekly Level 10 meetings have kept us on track and focused on the goals and deadlines we need to accomplish to be successful."

- Barb Kaus, Greater Mankato Area United Way | Integrator

“The EOS has been great to help us set goals and to focus on what we need to do.  It has helped us be more efficient in our weekly meetings.”

- Janice Berndt, Greater Mankato Area United Way


"You add value by giving us the guidance necessary to help facilitate the successful launch of EOS in our company. It's nice to get the outside feedback and support throughout our journey."

- Nick Wenner, Pallet Service Corp. | Integrator 

“EOS has been great!  It has allowed us to get organized and develop a strategic plan.  The L10 meetings keep us on track and moving forward.”

- Jeff Jarvis, Pallet Service Corp.


"EOS and Joe helped us to do what we could not do ourselves, and that is to bring CLARITY to all that we do, in every level of the business. The team functions better, we make better decisions, we are more efficient and we know where we are going. We have laid the groundwork that will provide a path for our operation for many years to come."

- Dr. Christopher Hart, Hart Dental | Visionary 

“EOS has definitely helped to hold me accountable and keep on track with getting the highest priority completed before moving on to other less important tasks.”

- Brandy Campbell, Hart Dental

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“EOS has broken down the communication barriers allowing clear information to pass through departments in a structured form. The resulting issues are identified and solved with speed and ease in a team environment.”

- Adam Garfield, Mactech Inc.

“Joe is great. He brings seven very different personalities together well and is always available to assist.”

- Luke Wittenbraker, Mactech Inc.


“1.) Increase communication

2.) Improved the productivity of meetings

3.) Improved accountability”

- Steve Allen, Clow Stamping

“We are becoming a team that communicates more clearly and as a result are achieving milestones that I'm certain we would not have without following the EOS processes.”

- Amy Engholm, Clow Stamping


“EOS has focused our management team in ways I did not feel would be possible.”

- Joe Kahl, TPI Custom Solutions


“EOS has increased awareness and focus on what is the most important issues to tackle each quarter.”

- Cedric Seefeldt, Diamond Mowers


“The biggest value of EOS is that the process holds people accountable, not to just one person, but to the entire leadership team.”

- Dan Bouwman, Truck & Trailer Specialties, Inc.