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Certified EOS Implementer™  

Joe Paulsen is an accomplished executive located in Southern Minnesota.  Joe received his undergraduate degree from Gustavus Adolphus College and his MBA degree through Minnesota State University – Mankato.  

During his 24-year business career, Joe experienced several ownership changes from a privately held family owned business to three private equity investment purchases over that time period. He performed many different roles throughout his career starting with purchasing, from there he was promoted to sales management and later to operations.  His last eight years culminated with the site General Manager position for the $40M manufacturing company.  

Joe is a self-taught lean manufacturing expert giving him a solid base to manage many different aspects of business.  Joe cites many pivotal events he experienced over his 24 years in industry, but he highlights successfully fending off a unionization attempt in 2007, securing and successfully executing a $50M military contract, and leading his team to ISO9001:2008  (and most recently 9001:2015) certification.  

Joe has first-hand knowledge of the power of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) as he used it to develop his senior management team and execute the company’s strategic management plan.  This plan successfully transitioned a declining military sales segment of the business to a growing direct sales channel business which increased from $1.2M annual revenue in 2009 to $13M in 2015.  

In 2016 Joe became a Professional EOS Implementer™ and became Certified in 2018.  He has helped over 20 companies implement EOS® and continues to pursue his lifelong passion of helping entrepreneurs and their leadership teams become more focused, accountable and healthy.



CPA / Cva

Rita Paulsen has been a practicing CPA since 1996 specializing in business accounting.  She previously worked for large public accounting firms before starting her own practice in 2007. Rita graduated from Minnesota State University – Mankato with a degree in Accounting and minor in Business Administration.

Rita’s business client mix ranges from start-up entrepreneurs to $25 million annual revenue corporations.  Her focus is assisting clients with all CPA services through a small business owner’s perspective.    

In addition to her CPA certification, Rita also received her CVA, Certified Valuation Analyst, certification in 2003 and assists clients with their business valuation needs to sell or transition their companies.

“Providing clients with both CPA and CVA needs allows me to offer them full service from their annual IRS filing to business valuations when the client is ready to sell his/her business. This service gives the client peace of mind that their business is properly valued by someone intimate with the business’s finances and structure.”

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April Plumley

Assistant to Certified EOS Implementers™

Over the last 15 years, April has been growing her knowledge and skills as an Administrative/Executive Assistant. She enjoys navigating the administrative waters and learning the ins and outs of business. She learns daily through different aspects and challenges frequently faced by businesses and thrives on creating unique solutions.

In December of 2014, she was introduced to the world of EOS®, and is currently assisting 6 Certified EOS Implementers™. Her daily routine consists of managing a total of 100+ companies who are going through the EOS process with her 6 Implementers. She strives daily to work and live the EOS Life™.

April lives in Anderson, South Carolina with her husband and two dogs. Being a part of Pinnacle’s unique virtual team, April can create her own schedule while adding value to the businesses she is passionate about. She enjoys reading, traveling, baking, decorating, and relaxing with her family.

April is excited to be part of the Pinnacle Business Traction team and plans on adding value to the services that they provide.


Jenna Audette

Marketing Coordinator/Assistant

Since 2017, Jenna Audette has been helping Pinnacle Business Traction grow its online and social media presence. Though she originally focused on building a marketing platform, she is currently expanding her duties to evolve herself to provide Pinnacle with multiple services. Jenna enjoys the constantly changing challenges as she tackles each new project.

Working for Pinnacle Business Traction, she has been introduced to the world of EOS®. She has been impressed by the impact that EOS Implementers™ make working with companies. She understands and appreciates the simple structure that EOS® applies. She enjoys finding unique ways to promote EOS® and Pinnacle Business Traction.

As a graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College in MN, she holds a BA in Chemistry. Her family, including her husband and six children, recently made a move to Rock Springs, WY.  Jenna enjoys multiple family activities especially exploring the new landscapes and lakes in the 230+ days of Wyoming sun. She is thrilled that she was able to embark on this new adventure while continuing to grow with PBS.