The Necessary Tools for Business Success


Pinnacle Business Traction guides small business owners to become more profitable and increase the value of their business.  This is accomplished while reducing the stress that goes along with owning or managing a successful company in today’s business environment. If you are a small business owner or a member of a management team responsible for the health of your company, Pinnacle Business Traction is your one-stop solution for help with three critical areas of opportunity for your growing business.


LEAN Consulting

Lean has become the cornerstone for any successful business in the modern world.  By shedding waste, standardizing work processes and improving efficiency, we will help upgrade your business making it more efficient, profitable, and valuable.

Strategy Implementation

Pinnacle Business Traction utilizes the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) as the solution to implementing business strategy.  EOS® is quickly becoming the most effective and proven system to manage any business strategy.  


Whether you need a valuation for estate planning, divorce, buying a business or selling your business, Pinnacle Business Traction has Certified Valuation Analysts ready to professionally and accurately value your business.   

More than a consulting company


At Pinnacle Business Solutions, we are passionate about “Servant Leadership” and believe that our success is completely dependent on the success of each of our clients. We possess all of the necessary business tools to provide owners and their management teams with the resources to achieve all of their personal and business goals.




We only succeed when you are successful

The only true measurement of success we consider is how successful each of our clients are as a result of the assistance we provide them. We take this seriously and focus our attention on the mutual success of both of our companies.


profitability is our measuring stick

Whether you need Strategy Implementation, Lean Consulting, or a Business Valuation, profitability is the key metric.  Pinnacle Business Traction understands this and will always use profit as a main performance measurement.



Show me the money

Let's face it, most business leaders are looking for results and Pinnacle Business Traction is committed to providing the results you demand.  We stand behind our commitment by offering a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

One Stop

one company to do it all

Pinnacle Business Traction has the business solutions for you.  Whether you are needing to develop and implement your business strategy, use Lean tools to fine tune your current processes or determine the value of your business for sale,  we are here to help.


“EOS has brought our team together and opened up a line of communication and has grown new comfortability between leadership team members.”

- Jessica Bonnell, Bonnell Industries Inc


“We are becoming a team that communicates more clearly and as a result are achieving milestones that I'm certain we would not have without following the EOS processes.”

- Amy Engholm, Clow Stamping Company